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2015 Educator Revision Team
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The 21things4students.net project is supported by a grant from the REMC Association of Michigan and maintained by the original team from three Intermediate School Districts in Michigan (Shiawassee, Ingham, and Macomb) and in 2015 welcomed the addition of two additional members (Kalamazoo RESA and Clare-Gladwin RESD). It was created as an educational and online resource to help students improve their technology proficiency as they prepare for success in the 21st century. This project was originally developed to provide districts and classroom teachers with resources to help students meet or exceed the 8th grade technology proficiency requirements in Michigan, and currently focuses on helping students build information literacy and digital citizenship skills, and be knowledgeable about Internet Safety and Cyberbullying. The development of this resource came at the request of teachers using the initial 21things4teachers.net site.

The team that created and manages this project consists of:

21 Team

Front row

Tina Tribu, Kalamazoo RESA, Jan Harding, Macomb ISD, Jennifer Parker-Moore, Ed.D., Macomb ISD 

Back row

Kay Hauck, Clare-Gladwin RESD, Carolyn McCarthy, Project Manager, Shiawassee RESD, Melissa White, retired from Ingham ISD

and in memory of Frank Miracola, Macomb ISD 

This project has received invaluable help and input from the following educators:

Members of the REMC Instructional Technology Specialists (RITS)  in Michigan.

Teacher-educators: Each year educators from around Michigan using 21things4students volunteer to participate in revisions.  

Graphic Design:
Foxbright staff and Oleh Godzak (Macomb ISD) 

Project ISD Partners: Ingham ISDMacomb ISDShiawassee RESDClare-Gladwin RESD, and Kalamazoo RESA.

We have worked hard to provide project-based activities which:

1. address
 the International Educational Technology Standards for Students (ISTE-S), and the Michigan Educational Technology Standards for students (METS)

2. are aligned where feasible with the National Common Core Standards, as well as areas of the Framework for 21st Century Learning identified by the Partnership For 21st Century Skills

Contact information

Contact 21things4students@remc.org
No vendors please! Questions, non-working link information, suggestions and ideas are welcomed.

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Here are some comments from teachers using the 21t4s answering, "What do you like best about 21t4s?"

"It has the latest technology concepts that students need to be familiar with and they are aligned with national standards. I have looked for two years for something like this."

"The resources are varied and definitely appeal to my students' interests because of their relevancy."

"The concept makes it engaging for the students as well as teaches them very useful computer concepts."

"The flexibility to customize the presentation of materials and the multiple learning modes addressed with the provided materials."

"The flexibility to customize the presentation of materials and the multiple learning modes addressed with the provided materials."

"It covers all the essentials skills, and the tasks are engaging for the students."

"It is highly organized, has great resources, is up to date, and is in line with our state curriculum."

"To be perfectly honest, what I like best about 21things4students is that a professional team of people is in charge of updates--not me. Keeping up with changes in the cyber world can be exhausting and any resources available for purchase are costly and/or become outdated quickly. 21things4students is FREE and timely."