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June 2012 Educator Revision Team
21 Things for Students Project (1)

The 21things4students.net project is supported by a grant from the REMC Association of Michigan and maintained by a team from three Intermediate School Districts in Michigan (Shiawassee, Ingham, and Macomb). It was created as an educational and online resource to help students improve their technology proficiency as they prepare for success in the 21st century. This project was specifically developed to provide districts and classroom teachers with resources to help students meet or exceed the 8th grade technology proficiency requirements in Michigan. The development of this resource came at the request of teachers using the initial 21things4teachers.net  site.

The team that created and manages this project consists of:

Carolyn McCarthy, Project Manager, Shiawassee RESD
Jan Harding, Macomb ISD
Jennifer Parker-Moore, Ed.D., Macomb ISD 
Melissa White, retired from Ingham ISD

and in memory of Frank Miracola, Macomb ISD 

This project has received invaluable help and input from the following educators:

Members of the REMC Instructional Technology Specialists (RITS) in Michigan: Melinda Waffle, Kevin Clark, Gina Loveless, Greg Marten, Ron Houtman, Andy Mann, Toula Jacobson, Anne Thorp, Cindy Kendall, Kay Hauck, Laura Cummings, Lynn Lieberman, Tim Davis, and Sue Summerford.


Classrooms teachers piloting and using the 21things4students who helped with Mission and Quest development (2011): Kathy Campau, Scott Husken, Renee Jorae, Sharon Sylvester, Julie Ann Hopp, Julia Lengemann, Wendy Murray, Heather Pickering, Tom Lurie, Bill Trachsel, Doug Quick, and Suzie Woda.

Educators comprising the 2013 revision team: Denise Brady, Kathy Campau, Wheatley Davis,   Renee Jorae, Julia Lengemann, Daryl McLeese, Gabriella Meyers, Doug Quick, Mike Smokevitch, Sue Stephens, Carmen Woodruff, Cheryl Yuschak

Graphic Design: Foxbright staff and Oleh Godzak (Macomb ISD) 

Project ISD PartnersIngham ISDMacomb ISD  , Shiawassee RESD  

We have worked hard to provide project-based activities which address the National Educational Technology Standards for Students (NETS-S), and the Michigan Educational Technology Standards for students (METS), are aligned where feasible with the National Common Core Standards,  as well as areas of the Framework for 21st Century Learning identified by the Partnership For 21st Century Skills.

Contact information

Contact 21things4students@remc.org
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