T17 Screencasting

Creating Presentations with Zest

This “thing” called “Screencasting” will show students how to create two screencast video demonstrations of their on-screen performance using free tools like Screencast-o-Matic and Jing.  In situations where students are not able to appear on-screen due to parent permission or AUP issues, cartoons and avatars are a workable substitute. For additional information about Screencasting, visit the 21things4teachers site and click on the thing called “Flipping the Classroom.”

Help requested: Please use this link to a short feedback  survey  for this 'thing.' It is extremely short, and will be invaluable for us to guide our improvements next summer, and to share the timing you experienced (how many periods/hours to complete the ‘thing’). Please use the link and help us improve this resource, provided FREE to you.

About this Mission

Students will be completing two Quests.  The first includes learning the basics of screencasting by creating a how-to video using a tool from missions 1-19.  The second Quest asks students to create a screencast of the student's career reseach presentation from Career Prep, Quest 3.  Students can use storyboards found at the Video Creation “thing” to script their ideas. 

The recommended tool for these Quests is Screencast-o-matic.   This FREE web tool is very simple to use, but limits the number of recordings that can be stored in a free account.  Students will need headphones with microphones (or a microphone and a quiet place) for this lesson so that they are able record their voice, and a webcam is optional. 

For a tutorial on using Screencast-o-Matic, there is one on the homepage of the site -- click here.

Quest 1:  Screen Recording
Completion time:  1-2 class periods

During this Quest, students will create a how-to video on a technology tool from missions 1-19.  Some topic examples might be:  Keyboard shortcuts, using Diigo, creating a visual organizer, creating an avatar.  They will choose onr that he/she feels he/she has mastered and can teach others about
. Teachers should consider how they will evaluate this work. 

Quest 2:  Screencast your Career
Completion time:  1-2 class periods

Using the presentation that he/she created for Career Prep in Quest 3, he/she will record and annotate a professional video. This activity will help students prepare students to rehearse and deliver an authentic presentation.

 (It is recommended students use the storyboarding templates found in Video Creation).

Screen-recording and iPad apps

Available to download here is a handout by Carolyn McCarthy (additional pdf of PowerPoint presentation) at the Digital Learning Conference Nov 2012, with examples.

A handout   (2014) on using Educreations  
Some web sites which are great resources if you are interested in this topic are listed below:





Recorded live presentation: If you are unable to use any of the tools  for screenrecording, students could present their tutorial to the classroom with someone responsible for using a videocamera to record their live presentation. 

Jing: Another tool that could be used to complete this lesson is Jing   (which is a download). For tutorials on using Jing, visit TechSmith.

Camtasia Studio: Finally, many schools have site licenses for Camtasia Studio (requires a site license/fee based) that is also popular. 

iPad screencasting: we have provided a presentation on screencasting with an iPad. As new apps are continually added, you may find newer options as the year progresses.

For additional information about Screencasting, visit the 21things4teachers site and click on the thing called “Flipping the Classroom.” 

Additional Quests/Activities

Over Achievers Project:  Make a screencast that shows the viewer how to play an educational game.  See the sample below by clicking on the image.
1. Go to:
2. Select a science game that is grade appropriate for your and make a screencast explaining how to play the game.
3. Place the completed screencast in your Weebly account or in your portfolio. Check with your teacher for complete directions for this.


Sample Screencasting Rubric