Sphero Activity 1

Key Vocabulary



If-then statements



Vocabulary words used with the Sphero 

I Can Statements:

  • Program sphero to create geometrical shapes
  • Program sphero to dance to a favorite song (approved by your teacher)
  • Program sphero to navigate a maze and compete with your classmates in navigating the maze the quickest
  • Refine the programs to be most efficient
  • Use sensor data as a tool to revise my code
  • Relate the drag and drop code in JavaScript
  • Use the “Camera” feature to record sphero

Getting Started - Task 1

This is best carried out as a team activity, divide up into small groups of 3-4 students as directed by your teacher.

1.    Go to

2.    Download the appropriate App to the device you will be using to program Sphero.

3.    Once you have downloaded the App, scroll through the screens until you see the log-in screen.

5.    You will need to create a log-in and password in order to use the App to program sphero.  Please ask your teacher for the directions on how they would like you to create this log-in and password for access to programming.

6.  When you are logged in, select "Activities" on the top menu.  



7. Get sphero from your teacher

8. Locate and select the Sphero Blocks: Intro & Loops and

  • Choose Continue Activity or Start. This was step 1.

9. Watch the app overview video in step 2 as a team for important terms and to become familiar with the app.  Discuss and carry out the directions, taking notes of your steps.

10. Mark it complete once the team has viewed. 

11.   Print out or get a copy of the vocabulary terms from your teacher (in the Vocabulary section) to refer to as you watch the video tutorials.

Tasks 2 & 3

For the remaining videos and steps assign team roles and rotate the roles for each task on the sphero team planning document.

o A video expert for each tutorial:  This person’s role is to define the problem or clearly explain the  video instructions

o   Planner:  This person will plan, with the help of the team partners, what the video is asking you to do.

o   Creator:  This person carries out the directions given in each tutorial with the help of the team partners.

o   Revision Expert:  This person will state and note any refinements needed for Sphero to perform the task and carry out the revised code to see the results.

***All team members will participate to brainstorm possible solutions together before writing the code necessary to make sphero perform a task.