career prep

Q1 Game of Life

16. Career Prep
Future World


It is time to start investigating what the future has in store for you! This Quest will have you visit the "Show Me The Future" web site where you will play a game of life to make decisions about bills, housing, clothing, food and more!

Key Vocabulary:

Regenerate: taking a new form in the game or clearing your character to start from new


1. Click on this link - Show Me the Future - to find your new identity. Make sure you read all of the directions below before beginning.

2. Listen to the audio introduction then fill in the boxes.  Use an alias for your nickname (e.g. "Silly Sally"). You may use your real school name, grade, and zip code. Begin paying some bills to see if you can afford your lifestyle with the job given to you.

3. When you get to the Job screen, you can select a different job choice by clicking on the "Regenerate" button until you find a career you are interested in. Take a screenshot of your chosen job, save, and post to your online presence.

4. Click the "Continue" button to proceed through each choice and travel on the map to the listed expenditure areas (housing, food, charity, childcare, etc.)

5. When you have paid all of your bills, click on the "Checkbook", take a screenshot to post to your online presence.

6. If time permits, play more than once and see if you can get a different ending based on different decisions.

game of life

7.  Check with your teacher to see how you will submit your work for this Quest.

Completing this Quest

When you have finished finding your new identity, paying your bills and have posted to your online presence, you are ready for the next Quest. 

GreenCheckMarkCheck off this Quest on the 21t4s Roadmap 

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