interactive learning

12. Interactives



Congratulations you have completed the Interactives Quests.

To receive your badge or certificate for completion from your teacher:

1. After completing this Quest I can:

  • use interactive websites and resources, including simulations, games, and mapping
  • understand the types of interactive learning
  • create examples and participate in interactive learning experiences, including maps, mazes, manipulatives, quizzes, and games
  • use Google maps to chart directions
  • understand absolute and relative direction
  • use resources like Quizlet, Wolfram Alpha and Vocabulary City to help me with homework and improve my grades

2. Take this Interactives Quiz. The password for the quiz is interactives21. Do your best! 

3. Take a screenshot of your quiz results to show your teacher. 

4. Please take this short survey to share your ideas on how to improve these activities and this 21things4students resource. 

5. Show your completed work to your teacher to receive your Web Investigator Badge or Certificate.

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