21 Things - Basics

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1. Basics

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The image below is an audio recording. Use the triangle to play this audio that will read the text below.

In this Quest, you will:

  1. learn to navigate around this site,
  2. learn about the student checklists,
  3. survey your technology skills,
  4. access and download the 21t4s Roadmap,
  5. and control the volume of the device you are using.

Key Vocabulary:

Video controls: play, pause, full-screen, scroll, volume, cc (close caption), share and...  (video controls diagram)

Drop-down menu: A menu that drops down to show you more options when you move your mouse over it or click on it. Example: the 21Things menu at the top.

Web Content Block: A block of information that can be expanded to show more information, or contracted to hide it. 

Download a file: to copy a file (image, video, music) from one computer location to a different one. Example: To save a document from one of our webpages to your own device so you can use or edit it, you will "download it"


Steps for Part 1 Navigation

Step 1. Play and carefully watch the video below that demonstrates how to navigate our webpages. You will then have a 4-click Navigation Challenge!

 Direct link to the video

    4-click Game Rule: No fair using the back button or arrow on the browser!

Step 2. Now try this 4-click challenge. Start by clicking on the map of Michigan and see if you can get back here (remember the rule) in four clicks or less?  If not, try it again or ask a partner.

Step 3. Now continue by using the + to expand the Content block below.

Expand/Contract - Click the + to see this information

Bella, rottweiler dog says Congratulations in a banner

Bella sends her congratulations for expanding this content window by clicking on the . This is a new feature that may make the pages easier to view and navigate. We will use it when there are longer sections of content. You can click on the  to contract it again.

Go on to Basics Navigation Part 2 by expanding that section.

Part 2: Student Checklists, Skills Survey, & the 21t4s Roadmap

Script for Part 2 video (1.Q1.Part2.pdf)

Direct link to the video to play fullscreen.

Student Checklists 

  There are Quest specific Checklists (as shown on the right hand side) that give you each step for a Quest in a "Thing."

Or, if you want ALL of the Quest Checklists for a "Thing" you are working on, there is one document that combines all of the Quest Checklists on the main page of each "Thing" that is called "Complete Basics Student Checklist"

Click the - symbol to contract this section.

Short Technology Skills Survey

Short Technology Skills Survey

Please check the button below for your grade level to complete a very short Technology Skills Survey. When you complete it, check with your teacher for specific directions to save a copy of your completed survey, and where to save it. There is a box at the end for you to type your first name and last initial or a student ID number. Please do NOT put your full name in the box for privacy. You will be able to compare your answers to a similar survey later on in Thing 15.


When you are done with this section use the - button to contract it.

21t4s Roadmap

The Roadmap is an overview of all of the "21Things" activities, but not the steps (as broken down for the student checklists). Many find it helpful to keep track of their progress.
Check with your teacher for which option to use to save your own 21t4sroadmap: download and print (or copy from Google Drive to your own Drive space) this Roadmap (21t4sroadmap.doc 21t4sroadmap.xls, condensed 21t4sroadmap.pdf , Google Drive roadmap to copy and save).

Note: The Things and Quests do not have to be completed in the order they are listed. You and your teacher may choose to skip some or only use a few. Save your 21things roadmap for future classes

Part 3: Controlling the volume on your device

Make sure you know how to turn up, down, or mute the volume on your computing device. This will be helpful for classmates around you. 

If you are not sure how to adjust or mute the volume, find or more on how to to view the directions for the Chromebook, iPad, Kindle Fire, Microsoft Surface tablet, Macbook, and different Windows computers with this Google doc or Word doc.

Completing this Quest:

Once you have watched the video, taken the navigation challenge, and completed the Basics Skills Checklist you will have completed this Quest, congratulations.

 Check this off on your 21t4s Roadmap!

Move on to Quest 2 , Image Capture